Jun 21, 2017
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Geometry Wars: Galaxies – Nintendo Wii Box Art

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The breakout Xbox 360 hit comes to the Nintendo Wii with new modes, new features, and a new name: Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

How do you adapt a twin-stick shoot for a console that doesn’t have a second stick? With a little imagination and a Wii remote, that’s how. Luckily this port of the hit Xbox Live Arcade shooter was not the disaster many feared. Although Geometry Wars: Galaxies lost the sheen of the original’s pin-sharp HD visuals, it did gain a variety of modes, online multiplayer, and the ability to connect to the Nintendo DS version of the game.

Release: 2007
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Bizarre Creations/Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Image: Sierra Entertainment

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