Dec 1, 2017
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Pokémon Puzzle League – Nintendo 64 Box Art

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It’s Puzzle League, with Pokémon. It’s Pokémon, in Puzzle League. It’s a match made in heaven.

Pokémon Puzzle League is a charming matchup of two much-loved franchises.

The game is predominantly based on the Pokémon cartoon, featuring many of its human cast in addition to the expected lineup of Pokémon.

The new 3D mode is probably unnecessary – but a fun diversion nonetheless – and its two player mode is also worth a spin.

If you’re quick you can still pick up Pokémon Puzzle League on the Wii Virtual Console.

Released: NA: 2000. EU: 2001.
Platform: Nintendo 64
Developer: Nintendo Software Technology
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle

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