Aug 7, 2017

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – Nintendo 3DS Box Art

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Poor Luigi is put through the ringer in this comedy role-playing adventure.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. as it was called in Europe and Australia, or Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure as it was called in Japan – was developed by AlphaDream and released in 2013.

The game continues the franchise’s trademark mixture of adventure role-playing and comedy, and is a genuine treat. The game is full to the brim with funny lines and inventive gameplay as Luigi overcomes his low self-esteem to help Mario save Pi’illo Island.

The game was reissued as part of the Nintendo Selects range in 2016.

Released: 2013
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: AlphaDream (and Good Feel)
Published by: Nintendo
Genre: RPG

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