Aug 17, 2017
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Mario Sports Superstars Promotional Gym Bag

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Be the envy of other gym-folk with this super-cool Mario Sports Superstars gym bag. No really, it’s cool. Honest.

When Mario Sports Superstars was announced I was quite excited by the prospect of a portable collection of Super Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf, to name just three of the included sports. As time went on, I cooled on the game, and eventually decided to give it a miss. Except, I forgot to cancel my preorder.

When the game arrived, it was accompanied by this threadbare gym bag adorned with sporty Mario and his chums.

I tried using it once, but it was A) too small for my big gym pants, and B) stupid looking.

Some you win, some you lose.

Released: 2017
Publisher: Nintendo
Manufacturer: Unknown
Image: Nintendo

Mario Sports Superstars Promotional Gym Bag

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